The Multiform Harvest technology was developed by Dr. Keith Bowers during his doctoral research at North Carolina State University beginning in early 1998.


His work was initially focused on nutrient recycling from high strength swine and dairy wastewater, which contains high levels of solids, alkalinity, and, in some cases, calcium, which can interfere with the crystallization of struvite.


These challenging conditions enabled him to develop a system that was exceptionally robust and also ideally suited for municipal wastewater nutrient removal.


Some of the key projects in developing the technology to date have included:

City of Boise, Idaho

In 2008 the City of Boise tested the Multiform technology at its municipal wastewater treatment plant. The positive results of the Boise test have prompted a full-scale engineering study that includes a complete costing and detailed design for the installation of a full-scale plant in 2010. 

Dairy Trials - Washington State

The technology has been tested on a pilot scale at two dairies in Washington State and a full-scale cone is operating at a dairy in Snohomish County. 

Swine Farms - Virginia and North Carolina

Pilot-scale systems have been demonstrated at three swine farms in Virginia and North Carolina, and a full-scale system is in the design stage for a swine farm in southeastern Virginia. 

Potato Processing - Caldwell, Idaho 

A pilot system was also successful demonstrated at a potato processing plant in Caldwell, Idaho.
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