Multiform™ P-Recovery Systems



Our P-recovery systems have consistently proven to offer the lowest life-cycle cost, highest efficiency, lowest capital cost, lowest operating cost, simplest operation, least maintenance and greatest plant design or retrofit flexibility.

The systems convert phosphorus and ammonia into struvite (Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate hexa-hydrate - MgNH4PO4.6H²O). As wastewater is pumped through the fluidized bed, ideal conditions are carefully created and controlled for the dissolved phosphorus and ammonia combine with magnesium chloride and quickly crystallize into crystalline natural struvite.


  • Allows wastewater plants total operational autonomy

  • Designed for optimal P-Recovery

  • Uses local / preferred system component suppliers to conform with facility design standards

  • Removes pure (>99%) natural struvite

  • Controlled by single part-time operator and completely automated

  • System can be switched off and restarted or run at varying input rates  

  • Most effective, efficient, reliable, and consistent nutrient removal

  • No technical or operational risk – proven system which can also be bypassed and installed with multiple operating modules

  • Reduces bio-solids disposal costs