Multiform Harvest News



NEW Water Breaks Ground on New Waste to Energy System

NEW Water broke ground Tuesday on a new facility expected to create hundreds of jobs in Northeast Wisconsin. About three years ago, NEW Water became the brand name of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewage District in anticipation of the ground that was broken on Tuesday. 

Scientists Testing Multiform Struvite

Washington State University, with support from a U.S. Department of Agriculture is currently testing the agricultural and environmental benefits of Multiform Harvest struvite.

Performance of Cone-Shaped Fluidized Bed Struvite Crystallizers in Removing Phosphorus from Wastewater

A struvite crystallizer design consisting of a continuously operating, cone-shaped fluidized bed was tested for its ability to remove phosphorus from swine lagoon liquid.

Releasing Phosphorus from Calcium for Struvite Fertilizer Production from Anaerobically Digested Dairy Effluent

Being a non-renewable resource and a source of potential water pollution, phosphorus could be recovered from animal manure in the form of struvite (MgNH4PO4?6H2O) to be used as a slow-release fertilizer.

Separation Anxiety: Livestock producers await newest struvite crystallization system

Livestock producers anxious to find efficient ways to deal with phosphorus in manure may soon benefit from a new crystallization process that can remove 50% or more of the phosphorus from dairy manure and 80% from swine effluent.