Simple and Effective 

Multiform™ P-Recovery systems offer the simplest, most effective, and most flexible system for recovering phosphorus and ammonia from waste-water.   


Sustainable Cycle

Multiform™ Systems and Nutrients provide a more sustainable cycle of supply for Phosphorus and other essential nutrients.


Quality Nutrients

Multiform™ Nutrients are produced from the recovered phosphorus, magnesium and nitrogen in the form of struvite. Look for the Multiform™ label.


Better Fertilization

Multiform™ Nutrients are included in premium fertilizer products because of slower controlled release rates and the ability to be applied in closer contact with root systems at planting.  


Multiform™  P-Recovery Systems

  • First to use Fluidized Bed Reactors 

  • Effective, versatile, and simple P-Recovery

  • Lowest capital and operating costs

  • P-Recovery as natural struvite 

Multiform™ Nutrients

  • Easily utilized in premium fertilizers

  • Look for the Multiform™ label

  • Proven and tested with USDA

  • Targeted crop, turf, and horticultural products