Typical Installations


Yakima, WA

An example of a smaller two reactor installed in an existing space adjacent to the facility centrifuge.  The system has been operating for three years with an average phosphorus recovery levels exceeding design specifications.


Boise, ID 

Comprises five reactors designed to process anaerobically digested filtrate as well as phosphorus enriched waste activated sludge filtrate.


Massey, MD

Jones Family Farms, one of the largest dairies on the East Coast, selected Multiform™ technology for treatment of its wastewater. As a concentrated animal feeding operation the dairy must prevent over-application of phosphorus contained in the wastewater to the cropland. 

Multiform™ has patented unique system designs for dairy applications.


Green Bay, WI

Currently in design and construction this will be the first Mutiform™ system in the region and our largest system in terms of phosphorus recovery.

Yakima, Washington

Yakima, Washington